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Do you want to become a recognized professional and have no limits in your career?

Master English quickly and get your official Cambridge certification with the only academy that has a 100% pass rate.

Achieve the competitive advantage you need to access the best opportunities.
Achieve the competitive advantage you need to access the best opportunities.
Costa Adeje Academy

According to the English Proficiency Index, it is estimated that mastering English at a corporate level entails a salary raise of up to 50%. At top jobs, this means almost a median 45.000 euros more, and just by mastering English.

The success of business abroad requires international leadership. It is essential to master English, since this favors trust among international actors, and allows negotiations to be carried out more personally and directly.

Many prestigious universities know the data, and the correlation between English and their student’s career success, that’s why they require a high knowledge of it at the admissions process.

If English is still giving you a headache, we are going to explain to you in less than a minute why Costa Adeje Academy is the best option for you.

Whe have been preparing students for more than 10 years, with a 100% pass rate.

If you are looking for efficiency and security, there are no better academies.

You will not need to attend classes for years, as occurs in other academies.

Our teaching method is sure and effective. That is how you will get your results sooner than with other alternatives.

All our teachers are native English speakers, and have a lot of experience preparing for Cambridge certifications.

This makes learning faster and grants you passing the exams.

We only work with small groups

between 10 and 16 persons for in order to give you more individual attention.

We offer all certifications, from A1 to C1

unlike other academies that just focus on intermediate levels.

We rely on new technologies

so that your learning process will be more effective.

We are backed by two prestigious institutions

Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje and University of Cambridge

You will be able to access our academy at a starting price of 45 euros per month after you have completed your level test.

Costa Adeje Academy
Costa Adeje Academy
What is our course dynamic?

1 - Level test

First and foremost is to know what your level is. Do not worry if you have not practiced for a while, this is just to know where you are at

2 - Study plan

Once your level is determined, you will be able to choose the study plan that best adapts to your objectives. These study plans are completely personalized, so you will see them directly with your tutor.

3 - Classes on site

Four times a month, you will attend very dynamic and fun classes, where we will teach you new vocabulary, grammar, speaking and we will conduct English games to make your learning faster.

4 - Material

you will have extra support so that you can learn at home as well. This material is designed and synthesized to make your learning faster and easier.

5 - Speaking support classes

We will make you speak English like a native speaker.

6 - Cambridge exams examples and drills

You will be so used to them that when you take the actual exam, it will feel like another one.

7 - Doubts support

You will always have us at your disposal to clear any doubts you may have about content.

In just a few days you will notice how you are progressing and becoming more confident in English and, in less time than you can imagine, you will be passing your official Cambridge exam.

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Why is it so important to have a Cambridge Certificate?

Having a Cambridge Certificate is considered a solid and trustworthy evidence of one’s English level, since these titles are backed by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Cambridge Certifications are the most recognized globally, and since Cambridge Assessment English started in 1913, they are the most accepted by universities, business, and governments around the world.

In short, it is an essential asset to access the best formative programs and universities around the globe.

Cambridge Certification

Moreover, most Cambridge Certifications are valid in student visas in the UK, Australia, the US, Canada, and many more countries. Having a Cambridge Certificate is like having a quality mark on your CV, which promotes you when applying for a job, aspiring for a raise, or applying to a university.

Costa Adeje Academy
We have been preparing our students for more than 10 years at Costa Adeje Academy to access the best opportunities.

We are the only academy that as a 100% pass rate, our teachers are native English speakers,  and we are backed by two prestigious institutions: Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje and University of Cambridge

Costa Adeje Academy

Johanne Renstead Johanne Renstead

has worked in education for over thirty years and is a highly experienced English teacher. An honors degree in Law and a subsequent postgraduate teaching qualification (teaching English as a Foreign Language and a Second Language) have attributed to her excellent written and communication skills.


She began working at the London School of English in Tenerife, focusing mainly on adults and teaching specific courses designed for professional people. In 1990 Johanne set up her own language academy in Granadilla de Abona. During the following seven years, she taught young learners and teenagers, providing exam support.


She then went on to teach in schools, worked in various centers in the south of Tenerife and has been a teacher at Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje since 2008. Her involvement in the Cambridge exam project started seven years ago. These courses have been a huge success with a consistent track record of high exam results (B1: 100% pass rate with 75% grade A in 2022).


Johanne believes that her role as a teacher is to inspire and encourage her students with regards to learning English, and she believes that Costa Adeje Academy presents an exciting opportunity to reach more students and help them to achieve their full potential.

Costa Adeje Academy

Marjory McCormick Marjory McCormick

has a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature in addition to postgraduate qualifications in teaching English as a Foreign Language to young learners and adults.


Her English teaching career began over 20 years ago, specializing in Business English and going on to prepare children and teenagers for official language certifications.

Ten years ago, she began teaching in Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje where she set up the ‘Cambridge - Costa Adeje’ project in order to meet the growing demand for official certifications in the English language for university access, not only abroad but also in many Spanish universities. Beginning in 2012 with six pupils at level B2, the year 2021-2022, approximately 130 pupils sat these exams at levels Flyers, B1, B2 and C1 with Marjory teaching B2 (upper intermediate) and C1 (advanced) levels.


Her goal is to ensure that her pupils have the necessary English skills and certifications to go out into the world and study or work anywhere. The English language is essential nowadays for both academic and professional success as well as enabling students to enjoy and understand other cultures, thus contributing to an enjoyment of life and an open mind.


Her philosophy has always been the same: Communication is the key!

Cambridge Certificate
Cambridge Certificate
Cambridge Certificate
Our facilities
Costa Adeje Academy
Costa Adeje Academy
Costa Adeje Academy
Costa Adeje Academy
Costa Adeje Academy
Costa Adeje Academy
Master your English definitely at a record timing with our proven teaching method
that grants you the Cambridge Certificate that will open the doors for a promising future.
There are already hundreds of students like you that have assured a promising future for themselves thanks to Cambridge certificates.
Costa Adeje Academy
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Raúl Zarabozo Santos

Former student, actually student at the University of Amsterdam

Costa Adeje Academy
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Valentina Betty Delfino

4th year Secondary student

Costa Adeje Academy
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Omar Bouamrani Arteaga

1st year Baccalaureate student

Costa Adeje Academy
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Marjory McCormick

English coordinator of Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje Academy
is perfect for you:

If you are tired of other methods that steal your time while you do not feel like advancing.

If you do not want to spend years and years till you master your English and get your certificate.

If you want to access the job opportunities at the scope of only a few.

If you want a 100% warranty of achieving it.

How much will the academy cost me and what will the timetable be?

It depends on your level, how much are you associated with Colegio Costa Adeje and how much you are committed to it.

Our plans start at 45 euros per month.  

Regarding timetables, we have different options. In order to give you more information, we need to know your level and availability, so take your level test to clarify your doubts.

Spots at our academy are limited, so apply as soon as possible.

Costa Adeje Academy
Admission process

Spots at our academy are limited. In order to get in, you will need to pass a level test.


This level test’s result does not condition your access, we simply need to know what your level is so we can assign you a group.


When you fill your application for a level test, a tutor will be assigned to you, and she will orient you during the process.


Once your level is determined, a teacher, group and timetable will be assigned to you, all of which will be adjusted to your desired certificate.


She will be who informs you of your progress at the admission’s process, and will give you all the information regarding the plan you have chosen.


Finally, once the admission process is complete, the best part starts: we will teach you how to master your English and you will get your Cambridge certificate.

Apply for your level test here

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We may also transfer your data to third parties if there is a legal obligation to do so or if they are required by the competent authorities.

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By signing this form, you authorize us to transfer said data, otherwise it will be impossible to provide the requested service.

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Contact phone: 0034 922 713 217


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